Proposal: Move AMPL from cap2 to cap3


This is a proposal to increase the AMPL capFactor from cap2 to cap3 ($3M —> $10M) as outlined in the Balancer whitelisting process


Ampleforth is a digital currency with an elastic supply that adjusts each day according to demand in the marketplace. The protocol effectively seeks to shift volatility from price to supply. The supply can shift dramatically over time, while the price stays within a band around the price target of the 2019 US Dollar.

Ampleforth has developed a smart pool that updates the pool weights each day in sync with the supply changes of AMPL in an effort to reduce the impermanent loss that is normally incurred by liquidity providers.


The AMPL/USDC smart pool currently has $8.8M in total liquidity. AMPL’s share of that liquidity is $6.1M which is notably over the current cap limit.

I therefore propose to increase the AMPL cap tier from cap2 ($3M) to cap3 ($10M)